The Story Behind Manna

Who are we?

Manna Cards are a Christian cards company based in the North of Ireland. We are a group of perfectly imperfect people wanting to bring God’s word into people’s lives in a way that is relevant, contemporary and visually impacting. We believe these Christian Cards will serve to rebuild the brokenness in our communities, bringing hope in hard times and stable foundations through the supremacy of God’s Holy Word.

Our Mission

Life is full of wilderness seasons. During these times, we thrive on encouragement and hope. These Christian Cards are inspired by scripture, and are aimed to spiritually nourish and carry you during these times. Jesus refers to Himself and His Word as the bread of life. The idea is that these Christian Cards are like Manna in the wilderness, stemming from the book of Exodus where God fed the Israelites with bread from Heaven.

Our Vision

To equip the saints with Christian Cards & resources to encourage and build the Church

To reach everyone with the love of God through the Truth in His Word

To supply a modern edge to ancient scripture

To provide light, life and hope in dark seasons